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How To Know If A Chinese Girl Likes You?

January 14, 2020

European and American girls are generally straightforward in character, if a European and American girl likes you, she will probably tell you directly.  However, there is a big difference between Chinese girls, if a Chinese girl likes you, she will not tell you, because she thinks it is an shamefaced thing.  Therefore, when you are dating a Chinese girl, she will not tell you that she likes you, and you need to guess her mind according to her words and deeds.  If you are dating a Chinese girl and are not sure if she likes you, then this article is to help you and teach you how to know if a Chinese girl likes you.

Chinese girls will feel shy about the feelings between men and women, and they will subconsciously hide this emotion. However, if Chinese girls really like you, even if this emotion is hidden by her, it will reveal clues. They should have the following performance:

1. Observe her appetite

If you succeed in inviting a Chinese girl to dinner, pay attention to her appetite.  Some experiments show that girls eat less in front of people they like.  If she eats very little and looks shy, then she has a good feeling for you.

2. Is she willing to keep the appointment by herself?

Chinese girls are generally timid and shy. Whether she is willing to be alone with you indicates whether she trusts you.  If no matter what reason you invite her, you will always be rejected, indicating that she does not have enough trust in you.  If she wants to bring her best friend, either she is on guard against you or she hopes to inspect you through her best friend.  Of course, if she likes you, she naturally wants to go out with you alone and will not bring anyone else.  Alone with you, only two people dating alone can elevate the relationship rapidly.

3. Observe her pupil (if your eyesight is good enough)

When a girl sees something she is interested in, her pupil will be physiologically enlarged three times.  Because if she want to see this thing clearly, she will let more light into her eyes so that she can see the thing that attracts her attention, whether it is a Chinese girl or a girl from other countries.  If she likes you, in order to see you better, her eyes must be wide open, allowing more light to enter, so that she can see all of you.  You can look for opportunities to test, such as handing her something or watching her eyes carefully when you approach her.  Remember, opportunities are fleeting.  Be careful!  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, her eyes are all yours, which shows that she likes you.

4. Pay attention to the number of times she looks at you in a short time.

If she occasionally looks at you, she may be interested in you. If she often looks at you, she likes you.  The reason why she keeps looking at you is that she hopes to attract your attention and look for opportunities to talk to you.

5. Does she often agree with your opinion?

There is a principle of similarity between people.  People like to associate with people with similar interests, hobbies and values.  If girls often disagree with you, they should have no feelings for you.  If the other party has a favorable opinion of you, when you say a certain opinion, she will tend to agree with your opinion.  Even if she is very principled and does not fully agree with you, she will add that your opinion is also very reasonable.  A Chinese girl likes you and will take special care of your thoughts.

6. Will she talk about you with her friends

Chinese girls like to share their mood with her good friends.  You can go to her friend and ask her if she mentioned you, which will have unexpected good effect.