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How To Win A Vietnamese Woman Heart

January 14, 2020

If you want to find a Vietnamese girlfriend, or you already have a Vietnamese girlfriend, or you are dating a Vietnamese woman, and you hope your relationship can go further and last for a long time, this article may help you.

Vietnam is a typical eastern country, so Vietnamese women also have a typical "eastern thought". If you want to win the hearts of Vietnamese women, you need to know Vietnamese culture and their values through some channels, so as to penetrate into the hearts of Vietnamese women well.  A friend of mine lives in Vietnam for a long time. Before writing this article, I specifically asked his opinion. I summarized his opinion into 7 parts. If you can do it, you can win the hearts of many Vietnamese women.

1. Focus on your appearance

Women all like handsome men with sunshine and temperament, and Vietnamese women are no exception.  Before dating, you need to pay attention to your clothes and make-up, and your hair and beard should be cleaned or trimmed to appear in front of her in the best image.  Sometimes the first impression determines whether you have the opportunity to enter the next step of communication, which is the first step to win the hearts of Vietnamese women.

2. Take the initiative to choose an appointment place

Vietnamese women are obedient. When you meet, you need to take the initiative to choose the date place instead of asking her to choose.  You can choose quieter places such as coffee shops and milk tea shops.  Here is an article about the place of dating Chinese girls "Where Should I Take A Chinese Girl On A Date". Chinese girls and Vietnamese girls have many similarities, which can serve as a reference.

3. Be a romantic man

Women like some romantic surprises, and Vietnamese women are no exception.  You can prepare flowers or gifts for the following festivals (Women's Day and Valentine's Day).  If she accepts your gift and is very happy, then congratulations, you have successfully won her heart.

4. Don't be fickle

If you really like a Vietnamese woman, you need to treat her exclusively and don't flirt with other women at the same time. Vietnamese women cannot tolerate husbands or lovers cheating.  Of course, if you only have money transactions with her, you only need to have money and do nothing.

5. Respect her family

Family is very important to Vietnamese women. You need to respect her parents, brothers, sisters and other family members, This is the most important.  At ordinary times, you can show your respect by giving gifts to her family. Of course, the value of gifts depends on your financial condition.

6. Be a gentleman who respects women

In Vietnam, the idea that men are more important than women is very popular, so Vietnamese women are often treated unfairly, and even many Vietnamese women suffer from domestic violence.  For this reason, many Vietnamese women want to marry foreign men rather than domestic men.  You need to respect her and take care of her, and don't let her get hurt. If you do this to your Vietnamese wife or girlfriend, I believe you have won her heart.

7. Take care of her

Vietnamese women are hardworking, kind and gentle, but they are also very fragile. If you have successfully got a Vietnamese girlfriend, please be kind to her just like your lovely pet.  Else if you are dating a Vietnamese woman, please follow my instructions above and continue to cheer up!