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Where Should I Take A Chinese Girl On A Date?

January 13, 2020

If you are dating a Chinese girl, you may have this problem: "where should I take a Chinese girl on a date?"  .  Where do Chinese girls like to go most when dating?  Many boys don't know where to choose when dating, which often makes the dating process much less rewarding.  This article will solve this difficult problem for you.  Here are 10 places where to take a Chinese girls on a date for reference, hoping to help you.

1.Take a Chinese girls to the aquarium on a date

Don't think aquariums and zoos are children's paradise.  The whole dating process here will be fun and carefree.  If you are dating this Chinese girl for the first time, walking around the aquarium with her and looking at the lovely sea creatures in the water, her mood will be relaxed and her inner tension will be relieved soon, and you will have more chances to know her.

2.Take a Chinese girls to the theatre on a date

The theater is an elegant place, where we can see less tacky but more primitive stories than movies.  When the plot develops step by step, you can exchange your views on drama, your thoughts on art, and find common ground in your interests and hobbies.  This tip is very suitable for you, if you are dating a Chinese girl who likes art and reading.

3.Take a Chinese girls to the golf course on a date

Dating at the golf course is also a good choice.  Because Chinese girls are generally not good at ball games, but the high and low green hills and small lakes scattered in the golf course are its own scenery and also make people feel suddenly enlightened. In such an environment, enjoying the warm sunshine and then teaching her to play in person, girls are more likely to accept such physical contact and make you look more elegant and gentlemanly.

4.Take a Chinese girls to outskirts on a date

Take her to the countryside for a walk, pick a small flower and fold a weeping willow, so that she can see your love of nature and sunny side.  At the right time, you can take the opportunity to Xiu Xiu your strong muscles and youthful smile. Of course, it is very important to make sure that she is not a effemination girl who does not love sports.

5.Take a Chinese girls to the art gallery on a date

Take a look at the art gallery. This will not only show your artistic taste and feelings, but also give her an understanding and orientation of your standard.  But first understand whether she likes art or not.  In addition, you should also do your homework before watching the exhibition. You should know a general idea about the exhibition so that you can show your insight when appreciating the exhibition.

6.Take a Chinese girls to the live concert on a date

The girls all have their favorite songs and idols in their hearts. If there is a concert on the weekend, then take her to see it.  With the joy of music, cheering and singing together, the mood can also heat up quickly. Naturally, she will embrace and kiss, prepare snacks and drinks she likes, and fast hold her heart.

7.Take a Chinese girls to the billiard hall on a date

One option that looks cool is the billiards hall.  Because there is a relaxed atmosphere here, have a drink with her and talk about life (if you choose a billiards hall with drinks), if you don't have anything to say, you won't be embarrassed, and you can play billiards.  Few girls would refuse such a comfortable dating place.

8.Take a Chinese girls to the amusement park on a date

Amusement park can reduce stress.  In the amusement park, your mood will be very cheerful, and you can express your feelings freely. At the same time, in the amusement park, riding a merry-go-round and other projects will make dating more romantic.

9.Take a Chinese girls to the museum park on a date

Not all girls like museums, so be sure to ask her if she would like to go before you go. There are likely to be small surprises in such places.  In addition: Be sure to remember to make preparations before going to the museum.

10.Take a Chinese girls to the restaurant on a date

If you want to catch her heart, you must catch her stomach.  Chinese girls have no resistance to delicious food.  Find a restaurant with great taste and emotional appeal, order what she likes to eat, wipe her mouth with paper towel, or give her some favorite dishes, and your distance will be shortened.