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Asia dating website center, Online Dating with Asian Single Women & Men, Meet Asian singles who live in Asia, United States, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. is a Asia dating website that connects Asians with the rest of the world. Before looking for an Asian partner, you need to know some Asian cultures or living habits so as to better find some common topics.

Where do our Asia dating website members come from

According to the world map, Asia refers to West Asia, Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Russian Far East. However, in our general understanding, "Asians" generally refer to "yellow race", that is, the races of East Asia and Southeast Asia. Our Asia dating website members are mainly from these two regions, and the Asians below also refer to the races of these two regions.  In addition, members from these two regions may spread all over the world, because they have moved to other countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, etc.

Understanding Cultural Differences Before Dating Asians

Because the Asian dating website is an international dating website between different races, whether you are Asian or western, you may need to understand the differences between Asian culture and western culture before using the website to find foreign partners.

There is an interesting story: a fire broke out in an international apartment where Jews, French, Americans and Chinese (taking Chinese as an example) live.  The Jews moved out of his safe first, the French pulled out his lover first, the Americans carried out his wife first, and the Chinese carried out his old mother first.  This anecdote reflects the fact that different races have their own special cultural and psychological qualities, ways of thinking, values, moral norms and emotional interests that distinguish them from other nations.

The mainstream of values in western culture is to advocate personal honor, self-centeredness, innovative spirit and individual freedom, while Asian culture advocates modesty, selflessness, moderation and unity and cooperation.  Westerners have a strong sense of equality and a simple family structure, with parents and minor children forming the nuclear family.  However, the Chinese have a strong sense of hierarchy, a complicated family structure, and the traditional happy families are mostly four generations living together.  If you date an Asian partner through our Asia dating website, you need to understand their values.

1. Asian values are unified because Asians are deeply influenced by Chinese Confucianism.  It is believed that the more a person does in society, the more meaningful his life will be.  For westerners, their values are not consistent with those of Asians. Their life values are diversified. Politics is the realization of life values. Business is also considered to be quite valuable. In the eyes of westerners, the best professions are lawyers and doctors.  If you successfully dated a white doctor or lawyer on our Asian dating website, congratulations!

2. Western culture is characterized by its emphasis on personal values, that is to say, it advocates personal independence, emphasizes personal initiative, personal behavior and personal interest, has the courage to make progress and attaches importance to personal rights.  Individualism is the core of western culture.  However, the Asian people advocate putting family, society and national interests first, individual obedience to the collective, and "selflessness".  In dealing with the relationship between individuals and collectives, people are required to be "disciplined" and "consistent with collectives or leaders".  In the relationship between individuals and collectives, it is emphasized that individuals live for collectives, and personal life and death are closely related to collectives.  For example, in western classrooms, students are taught to protect themselves, cherish their lives and put their personal rights first when facing danger.  However, in Asian countries such as China, which advocates the concept of honor and disgrace, the education received from an early age is to learn fearless dedication.  Therefore, in the family, Asian women will put the family first. Many Asian women are very good at housework, taking care of children and working hard.  Asian men will also put their families and relatives first. Family is more important than their own lives.

3. Westerners cherish personal freedom very much. They like to follow one's inclinations, walk alone and do not want to be restricted.  On the other hand, Asian culture places more emphasis on collectivism and advocates that individual interests should be subordinated to collective interests. It also advocates sharing weal and woe, unity and cooperation, and synchronization.  If you date and marry an Asian, they will put their family first, not themselves.

Asian and western values reflect two cultures with different natures and sources. They have their own advantages and disadvantages.  There are great differences and strong complementarities.  Pay attention to differences and avoid mistakes in cross-cultural dating.